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Recruitment is the foundation on which your company can build. The right staff is crucial to the success of your organisation.

We are strong experienced professionals, who understand your individual and specific needs. We know each requirement needs to be personalised for you.

Our interviewing and selection process is professional and highly accurate to ensure we are resourcing the right people for you.

All our candidates are referenced and thoroughly screened, initially on the telephone and then by meeting. We help them understand the importance of a career move and make sure they are ready for change! We prepare them as much as possible so they are absolutely sure that you are the right move for them.

Recruitment is the first step to ensuring that you have a strong team. Complete Property Recruitment prides itself on the strong bonds that we have created with many of our clients. We take your role very seriously and fully dedicate ourselves to focusing on a proactive search for your recruitment needs. We are often praised for our efficiency and careful selection process which is one of our key strengths setting us apart from other recruiters.

We dedicate and commit our time to you by knowing our business through experience and knowledge. We appreciate the importance of a confidential, trusting, honesty and loyal working relationship at all times.

Our marketing is also a major part of our success which includes our website, social media, excellent referrals and a strong presence on the UK’s top job boards. Candidates are carefully selected and we ensure that only those best suited are forwarded on to you.

We know we can help you save time and money and that means growth and success.

Please call us to discuss in further detail on +44(0)20 8203 1419
or email us at info@completepropertyrecruitment.co.uk

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